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Keeping Probate As Simple As Possible

When someone passes away, family members or other interested parties sometimes challenge the validity of the will. In other cases, no one contests any aspect of the estate. These instances of uncontested probate are comparatively simple, but you should still have an attorney on your side.

I am attorney Brian Starr, founder of Starr Law Firm, PLC. It is my honor and privilege to serve clients in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas who need assistance with probate. I understand that the time after a loved one’s death is often fraught with emotions. I will guide you through the probate process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Informal Probate: What To Know

Arizona offers an option called informal probate for estates that are fairly straightforward. You will not need to attend court hearings or endure a protracted legal battle. Informal probate is the most common form of probate in the state. This option may be a good fit for you and your family if:

  • The decedent has a valid and uncontested will.
  • No one contests the identities of the heirs.
  • There is no evidence of breach of fiduciary duty.

In informal probate, the personal representative – also called the executor – of the estate has the duty to distribute assets and property. The court’s supervision of this process is minimal. I can assist you with initiating informal probate and guide you through each of your duties, ensuring that you fulfill it to the best of your abilities.

Are you facing probate litigation? Whether you wish to challenge a will or an interested party has filed a lawsuit, I can represent you in a legal dispute involving probate.

Ask A Lawyer About Uncontested Probate

If you are a personal representative, heir or family member, consider requesting informal probate. Learn more by scheduling an initial consultation with me at my law office. To reach me, call 602-795-0700 or send me an email.