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Phoenix Attorney Fighting Elderly Financial Exploitation

The financial abuse of elders is a serious problem in Arizona. Many retirees have moved to our state from other parts of the country, and their adult children are often too far away to help protect them from scams, embezzlement and other wrongdoing.

Starr Law Firm, PLC, is a proven resource for legal solutions to help people prevent financial exploitation and recover assets lost through an illegal abuse of trust. Contact me, attorney Brian S. Starr, at my conveniently located, efficiently operated Phoenix law office to learn more about my knowledge of this challenging area.

Attentive, Comprehensive Guidance and Custom-Drafted Legal Documents

A senior’s vulnerability increases with the levels of social isolation, disability or dependence on others for mobility or daily living needs he or she experiences. This vulnerability makes our aging population prime targets for abuse of all kinds — including neglect, fraud and financial exploitation.

I am well prepared to work closely with you and your parents to explore your options for protection against financial exploitation. These actions can cover a wide range from careful screening and bonding of caregivers to legal guardianship. Establishing powers of attorney, setting up a limited conservatorship, or adding cosigners to bank accounts can all add a layer of protection for elderly or vulnerable people.

Balancing Legal Protections With the Need for Dignity and Independence

Even careful and regular monitoring of bank statements and credit card accounts can provide an important measure of safety. In my practice, I always keep in mind that there is a trade off between protection and independence. My constant goal is to find the best ways to protect an elderly or otherwise vulnerable person’s financial security and safety on terms that still allow as much individual freedom and dignity as possible.

A Scottsdale Area Lawyer for Estate Planning or Asset Recovery: 602-795-0700

If financial abuse or exploitation has already occurred, your problem may focus on asset recovery, and I can help with this as well. I am available to represent people defrauded by caregivers, friends, family members or fiduciaries. Protection of people’s rights and financial assets is a clear priority for my firm, in matters ranging from estate planning to trust and probate administration or litigation.

If you need advice about preventing financial exploitation or believe someone has been stealing money from your loved one, call me today for caring, responsive counsel.