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A Knowledgeable Adviser In Trust Administration

Trusts are useful tools for a variety of purposes. One of the main reasons people in the Phoenix area establish a trust is to keep some or all of their assets out of probate when they pass away. Part of the process can involve a successor trustee, which can be a complicated responsibility. As a trustee, you need dependable legal advice that you can turn to whenever an issue arises.

I am Brian Starr of Starr Law Firm, PLC, and I help guide trustees through the trust administration process. I can assist you with maintaining and distributing assets according to the trust’s assets and your fiduciary responsibility to the beneficiaries. My representation eases your burden and ensures the deceased’s intentions for the trust are carried out properly.

Personal Attention To Your Trust Administration Needs

Because I am a solo practitioner, every client gets my personal attention. You will work with me, not an associate or paralegal. I understand the intricacies of trust administration and the applicable laws. This starts with the succession process. The transfer of responsibilities from the original trustee (often the deceased) to you as successor trustee does not necessarily happen automatically upon the trustee’s death. I can help you establish yourself as the successor. Once that is done, I will advise you on your duties, which typically include:

  • Providing required notices to the beneficiaries
  • Making an inventory and appraisal of trust assets and their value
  • Regularly accounting and reporting on the trust
  • Making expense reports and recovery
  • Filing tax returns

A trustee owes a fiduciary duty to the trust’s beneficiaries. If a beneficiary believes the trustee is not managing the trust in their best interests, they might decide to sue. I will apprise you of your rights and responsibilities so there will be no surprises. If litigation does arise, I can represent you in court and forcefully defend your position.

Working As A Team

Let’s discuss what we can do together to honor the deceased’s legacy and operate their trust according to their final wishes. Contact me at Starr Law Firm, PLC in Phoenix to schedule a consultation. Call my office today. I serve clients throughout Maricopa County.