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Experienced Guidance Through Probate And Trust Administration

Being the personal representative of a loved one’s estate after they pass away is an honor and important duty. It can also be a difficult, time-consuming job. You can encounter surprising debts you did not know about. Relatives can start a dispute over the terms of the will or trust that is at risk of turning into a full-scale lawsuit.

The best way for you, as the personal representative, to avoid unpleasant surprises and family strife is to work with an experienced probate and trust administration attorney. At Starr Law Firm, PLC, I help personal representatives, trustees, heirs and beneficiaries handle a broad range of issues. Clients from Scottsdale, Phoenix and the rest of the Valley turn to me to help them smooth out these potential complications and get through the process of settling an estate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Contact me, attorney Brian Starr, if you are a personal representative in need of practical guidance and strong representation in probate court.

A Full-Service Probate Law Firm Serving Phoenix

I can assist you with all aspects of trust and probate administration, including:

  • Probating a will
  • Administering the estate of someone who died intestate (without a valid will)
  • Trust administration for revocable trusts and other trust types
  • Fiduciary responsibilities, such as conservatorship, powers of attorney and guardianship
  • Business succession and management
  • Representation of out-of-state personal representatives who do not reside in Arizona

State law establishes a set process for probating an estate and administering a trust. A mistake can drag out the process, costing the estate more in legal fees and court costs, leaving less for the heirs and beneficiaries. I have a firm grasp of Arizona probate law. Working with me means minimal risk of error. Instead, I will help you with all the necessary filings, gathering of financial documents and negotiation with creditors. While litigation is unusual, if a dispute does arise, I can represent you at trial.

Questions About The Probate Process?

Schedule a consultation at the Phoenix office of Starr Law Firm, PLC. My office is located near State Route 51 for your convenience.