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Arizona Business Succession Planning Attorney

Thoughtful, legally sound business succession planning is the single most important way to prevent your business from getting caught up in ownership or control disputes upon your retirement or should an unexpected accident occur. Whether your concerns involve family members or other shareholders, you may need a well-documented plan to ensure your wishes involving your business are clear and enforceable under Arizona law.

Starr Law Firm, PLC, conveniently located for clients in Scottsdale, Sun City, Tempe-Mesa and other area communities, is an excellent resource for business owners. Applying a strong background in business formation, litigation and estate planning, I, Brian S. Starr, provide experienced succession planning services based on my clients’ wishes and goals. Contact my business succession law firm online or call for a free initial phone consultation today.

Succession Planning for Family Businesses and Professional Practices in the Phoenix Area

I assist many medical and legal professionals with private practices, as well as others concerned with preserving assets and answering concerns about their business passing efficiently into the hands of a chosen successor. I apply intelligent strategies that take into account business valuation, family succession and exit planning if you elect to sell your enterprise for financial gains. I can help you with all aspects of business succession or exit planning in Arizona, including issues such as:

  • Family succession planning, coordinated with other aspects of estate planning
  • Business dissolution and exit strategies
  • Asset protection through skillful tax planning and other strategies
  • Business restructuring and formation when needed prior to succession or after a transfer of ownership

Schedule a Meeting With a Skilled Business Exit Planning Lawyer: 602-795-0700

When you contact my Phoenix office, you can speak and work directly with me, attorney Brian S. Starr, to effectively address all the concerns you have about your business and the financial protection of your loved ones. I will welcome your call or email anytime and respond with passion and commitment in the effort to accomplish your goals.