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Phoenix Business Probate Lawyer

In probate, estates holding ownership interests in businesses or professional practices can present delicate situations. Sometimes a special administrator needs to be appointed on an emergency basis to manage the business and preserve it as an asset for the estate. A skilled Phoenix business probate attorney can make a great difference in the events that unfold following the death of a business owner.

Skilled Handling of Arizona Business Partnerships in Probate

I represent business owners and stakeholders in Arizona who must deal with the often complex, sensitive probate and estate administration matters involving professional practices and family businesses. I work closely with clients affected by estates when someone dies owning interest in a business that becomes part of an estate or trust.

Depending on the type of business organization concerned, many issues can arise that have an impact on probate. Contact me, experienced lawyer Brian S. Starr, at my conveniently located office anytime to discuss your business probate needs.

Probate and Sole Proprietorships

When the owner of a sole proprietorship dies, there is often a critical need to manage the business right away, handling employee concerns about getting paid and preventing theft of inventory and other assets. In such situations, I provide sound legal advice to the estate’s personal representative about how to deal with the various business issues to be considered while effectively handling the probate administration.

Business Partnerships in Probate

Surviving partners typically don’t communicate with a deceased partner’s wife or children, or with a special representative of a business-related estate. It is wise to have an experienced attorney’s help in dealing with such issues as outstanding loans, assets, and breach of fiduciary duty that may lower value of the business later.

Do You Need a Proven Scottsdale Business and Professionals Probate Attorney?

Applying a strong background in business law and business succession planning, I can effectively assist an estate’s personal representative who may not have business experience but is expected to understand how to perform accounting reviews, valuation and other special actions affecting the probate process. Contact me today for a consultation to discuss your specific probate administration needs and goals.