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Informed Legal Guidance for Arizona Families Seeking Conservatorships

When a loved one can no longer manage finances and bills or is being taken advantage of financially, his or her family may seek to establish a conservatorship. A conservatorship is a legal process wherein the court appoints someone responsible for another person’s finances and asset distribution.

At the Starr Law Firm, PLC, you can work closely with a Phoenix and Scottsdale area conservatorship attorney prepared to address all legal issues surrounding the appointment of conservators and ensure they fully understand the practical and fiduciary duties involved with the process. I strive to help families work through the hostility and strife sometimes associated with these proceedings, allowing their loved ones to get the financial support and supervision necessary.

Please contact me, dedicated Arizona estate planning and probate lawyer Brian S. Starr, to discuss the benefits of appointing a conservator for your family member. If the situation is an emergency, I can typically arrange for the court to appoint a conservator within days.

An Attorney Focused on Maximum Protection of Each Client’s Interests

I assist conservators in seeking appointment initially, and then in fulfilling their legal responsibilities and avoiding common mistakes that could constitute a breach of fiduciary duty. I am well prepared to deal with matters such as:

  • Providing an accurate accounting of all finances and assets
  • Protecting and responsibly using assets to benefit the person in need and his or her family
  • Filing actions against those abusing their position of trust, including an individual acting as an appointed conservator with power of attorney
  • Making sure that any liquidated property receives fair market return when sold
  • Preserving assets to help ensure the financial stability and care of a loved one in the future
  • Posting any necessary bonds with the court
  • Making important financial decisions that affect the family

For Help Obtaining a Conservatorship or Pursuing Litigation, Call 602-639-4618

Protection of the rights and freedoms of the elderly, vulnerable and minor children is a top priority in my law practice. My focus is on helping conservators fully understand what is required of them when they assume this important position of trust. I also represent family members who must take action because they know or believe a conservator has failed to perform his or her duties legally and in good faith.

In all such situations, I pledge to work hard to find solutions in the best interests of everyone involved. I encourage you to contact me today to schedule a consultation.

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