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Protecting the Rights and Interests of Vulnerable Loved Ones

Legally speaking, a guardian is a court-appointed person responsible for making health care, educational, legal, and sometimes financial decisions on behalf of a vulnerable adult or child.

If you need a lawyer to help establish a guardianship for a parent, elderly relative or minor child, please contact me at the Starr Law Firm, PLC. I will provide informed counsel focused on helping you provide care and protection for your loved one while avoiding disputes with other members of the family.

Is your loved one sick and in need of immediate medical care? I may be able to help you establish an emergency guardianship in just a matter of days.

Helping People Understand Guardianship Obligations and Avoid Legal Disputes

Guardianship is an often misunderstood area of the law. You may be called upon to be a guardian of a minor child or close relative but have only partial or completely inaccurate knowledge of what the job actually entails. You may have no idea that moving the ward out of state or failing to closely and properly account for their assets could be a breach of fiduciary duty on your part and could also jeopardize that person’s eligibility for government assistance benefits and any inheritance.

As a skilled Phoenix and Scottsdale guardianship lawyer, I take the time to fully explain a guardian’s role and have an in-depth discussion of the responsibilities associated with guardianship. My goal is to help you fulfill your duties thoroughly, properly and in a way that avoids future legal conflicts. Some of the many responsibilities you have as a guardian likely include:

  • Controlling the ward’s assets to the extent that you are responsible for payment of living expenses and medical bills
  • Providing an accounting to the court at least once a year to ensure compliance with guardianship responsibilities
  • Ensuring compliance with your loved one’s wishes by medical staff, healthcare providers, religious officiates and others in positions of authority
  • Keeping other family members and loved ones informed of decisions you make on the ward’s behalf, as well as providing updates about the ward’s medical and/or financial status when requested
  • Ensuring the family member is given adequate medical care and has necessary access to assets while still allowing him or her as much independence as possible under the given circumstances

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It can be devastating to see an adult loved one lose his or her independence, or for a child to suddenly find themselves in need of an adult guardian. You understand, however, when your loved one cannot make important health, financial, religious or educational decisions on his or her own behalf (whether due to youth, old age, incapacity or illness), that the best step may be necessary to appoint a legal guardian on his or her behalf.

Contact me, estate law attorney Brian S. Starr, today to discuss your situation In addition to serving as an experienced Phoenix guardianship lawyer, I skillfully represent clients seeking help with a variety of probate issues, estate planning matters, business law concerns and family disputes.

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