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Handling Estate Claims and Disputes in the Scottsdale Area

The act of thinking through and signing a last will and testament implies an expectation that the intentions will be carried out as expressed in the testamentary document. In some cases, however, these intentions are misunderstood, ignored or challenged. Such actions sometimes create disputes within families or between an heir to the estate and a personal representative.

Sometimes family members agree on the interpretation of the decedent’s will, but need to resolve disputed claims of third parties such as creditors or business partners. For advice on the best ways to approach estate litigation in Arizona probate court, contact me, attorney Brian S. Starr, at my conveniently located Phoenix law office today.

Involved in a Dispute Over Terms of a Will or the Handling of an Estate?

I know that effective dispute resolution often requires a creative approach to protecting my clients’ interests as well as the value of an estate. I also realize that decades of family “baggage” often feed into a will contest or other dispute over beneficiary rights.

Probate litigation can often be hard fought in the courtroom. Nothing can bleed an estate of its assets quite like protracted fighting over who gets what. I will present claims and defenses aggressively at trial when no alternative path to resolution can be found. More often, however, my clients benefit from skillful negotiation of disputes to reach a satisfactory outcome.

Skilled Negotiation or Strong Representation in Court When Needed

As your Arizona estate lawyer, I am prepared to advise you on the best ways to avoid or resolve disputes involving:

  • Will contests
  • Disagreement as to the interpretation of specific terms of a will
  • Gift transfers prior to death
  • Questionable transfers made under a power of attorney
  • Uncertainty as to title of an asset in a trust or an estate
  • Ownership of bank accounts
  • Asset valuation issues
  • Third-party litigation involving creditors or business associates
  • Negligence or incompetence of a fiduciary
  • Risk of a surcharge of the personal representative
  • Issues of undue influence or incapacity

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I represent heirs, beneficiaries and personal representatives in Arizona estate litigation. If you anticipate a problem with the administration of a decedent’s estate in your family, or would simply like to lighten your burden by ensuring that the estate is handled properly, contact me anytime and schedule a consultation focused on these needs and goals.