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Representing Personal Representatives Of Intestate Estates

When a person passes away without a will in place, according to the law, they die intestate. Without a will for guidance on how to distribute the deceased’s assets, Arizona’s intestacy laws must step in. Intestate succession is based largely on the deceased’s closest living relatives, often their spouse, children or parents.

Like with any estate, when someone dies intestate, there must be a personal representative to settle it. The probate court could appoint you for the job. If you have been named the executor of an intestate estate, contact me, Brian Starr of Starr Law Firm, PLC, in Phoenix. I provide practical, experienced legal help to personal representatives, including those who must deal with state intestacy laws.

While guiding an estate without a will through probate can be challenging, I can take a great deal of the stress and confusion out of the process for you. I will help you settle any outstanding debts fairly and distribute the remaining assets according to the law.

Arizona’s intestacy laws state that the following people inherit the estate when someone passes without a will.

  • Children, if the deceased does not have a surviving spouse
  • Spouse, if the deceased has no surviving descendants (children, grandchildren, etc.)
  • Spouse, if they and the deceased have surviving descendants together
  • Spouse and descendants, if those descendants are not related to the surviving spouse
  • Surviving parents, if the deceased has no surviving spouse or descendants
  • Siblings, if the deceased has no surviving spouse, descendants or parents

In some cases, the estate goes to more distant relatives. I will show you how to distribute the assets properly so that there is virtually no chance of a mistake or dispute.

Contact My Phoenix Estate Administration Firm

For more information about how I represent personal representatives who are guiding intestate estates through probate, contact Starr Law Firm, PLC. My office is in Phoenix, and I represent clients throughout Maricopa County.