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Phoenix Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawyer

Serving as a personal representative for an estate is not something most people are trained to handle. If the designated person fails to diligently undertake the duty, the estate and all beneficiaries may suffer. Whether you face the task of administering a probate estate or a trust, an experienced attorney can help you avoid mistakes that may constitute a breach of fiduciary duty.

Caring, Focused Estate Law Counsel for Arizona Personal Representatives

Starr Law Firm, PLC, is an excellent resource for individuals, families, professionals and business owners in need of personal or corporate estate law counsel, including performance of all fiduciary duties related to trust and probate administration. If you want to work with a Phoenix attorney focused on preventing breach-of-fiduciary-duty allegations, contact my law office today.

Guiding You Through Heir and Beneficiary Rights in the Phoenix and Scottsdale Areas

I guide each client through performance in the role as fiduciary and protect him or her from litigation that could arise from:

  • Failure to follow Arizona probate codes or rules
  • Failure to follow terms of the trust
  • Failure to follow probate court orders
  • Failure to properly transfer estate assets
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Probate fraud
  • Inappropriate investment or self-dealing

I will thoroughly explain the rights that each beneficiary has, the duties of a trustee and how you can protect yourself in either situation.

A Breach of Fiduciary Duty Often Involves Property or a Family Business

The serious real estate market slump can make the timing of selling estate property such as a home a critical issue. Personal representatives have been sued for failing to sell a house or land within a reasonable time, making it worth less in the end. In some cases they may be surcharged because they failed to act, requiring the property to be sold hurriedly before the bank begins foreclosure. Probate of an estate with business interests can raise similar issues due to lack of proper business valuation, accounting errors and other matters.

Contact a Skilled Scottsdale Breach of Fiduciary Duty Attorney

My knowledge of estate planning, will contests and probate allows me to help personal representatives effectively perform their duty under the law, as well as help ensure other beneficiaries of an estate and an estate’s business associates retain what is rightfully theirs. In the event of probate litigation, I can also step in as a skilled attorney focused on aggressive protection of your interests.

Contact me, accomplished lawyer Brian S. Starr, to discuss how I can help you handle your estate-related duties properly, avoiding liability and the possibility of costly litigation. Your initial phone call is free of charge.