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Focused Arizona Asset Protection Lawyer

No matter how successful your professional practice or family-owned business is, you may be one lawsuit away from severe financial losses. Insurance may cover many liabilities, but it typically will not cover the expense of a defense lawyer, your staff time and the loss of your own productivity.

Your personal assets and those of family members may also be vulnerable if you have not done your asset protection planning properly. To discuss how well you are covered and what more you can do to secure your future, please contact me, Arizona business and estate lawyer Brian S. Starr.

Sound Asset Protection Planning Requires Thorough Attention to Detail

At Starr Law Firm, PLC, conveniently located for people in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sun City and surrounding communities, I work with many professional clients such as doctors, dentists, and lawyers, as well as executives and business owners whose family and corporate assets are vulnerable to an unfavorable jury decision if a lawsuit arises. I will align my objectives and recommendations with your best interests, targeting:

  • Development of clear, comprehensive professional and personal asset protection plans
  • Design of those plans in full view of your unique needs and potential liabilities as a professional practice or other business owner
  • Achieving maximum protection against various types of potential litigation that could impact you and your family

When it comes to estate and asset planning, details matter. I examine every possible vulnerability to loss of corporate or personal assets, including employment matters, product or service liability, intellectual property agreements, professional malpractice and premises liability.

A Phoenix-Based Lawyer for Current and Future Financial Protection

In addition to evaluating your exposure to litigation, I can help protect your estate assets through strategies and actions including performing efficient, sensible asset transfers, drafting of asset protection trusts, and exploring asset exemptions from taxes.

I will not only help you find the best ways to protect your professional and personal assets today, I can offer clear recommendations for continued asset protection as you grow more successful. Please request a consultation today on your business or professional practice objectives, assets, and liabilities.