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Phoenix Blended-Family Estate Planning Lawyer

When couples with children from previous marriages get married, estate plans for their newly blended families can present a variety of complex issues. What will happen if one spouse dies? Can the surviving spouse disinherit the deceased spouse’s children? When the last surviving spouse dies, could children from one side of the family control the estate and exclude children from the other side?

Preventing Inheritance Disputes and Handling Complex Probate Matters

As a dedicated Arizona estate planning lawyer, I can help you address these challenges and many others. Starr Law Firm, PLC, is a resource for people seeking practical legal solutions suited to their unique, specific goals. I encourage you to contact me for legal counsel based on a clear view of your blended-family estate planning or probate concerns.

Protecting the Rights and Futures of Blended Family Members in Arizona

As an experienced Phoenix estate planning and probate attorney, I am prepared to address the many legal issues associated with blended-family estates, including any need for:

I assist clients in understanding the right of children excluded from an estate plan to have an independent personal representative appointed and a detailed accounting review performed. I also deal with contentious issues involving eviction of someone living in a family home rent-free, hastily executed documents favoring one child or one side of the family, and claims of undue influence, duress or the violation of elder abuse statutes.

Contact a Versatile Maricopa County Asset Preservation Attorney

Effective estate planning for all types of non-traditional families can be complicated, even when everyone appears to get along well. Suspicion and hostility among siblings, half-siblings and step-siblings can be so great that many couples make the mistake of delaying dealing with inheritance matters until it is too late.

I help clients find and negotiate estate planning and probate solutions that are in the best interest of everyone in the family, while protecting all my clients’ rights under the law. Contact me, attorney Brian S. Starr to discuss your family situation and estate planning concerns.