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Charitable Giving Strategies

Establish a Charitable Trust or Family Foundation

Americans generously contribute more than $240 billion annually to charities. Despite tax laws that allow for deductions for donations to charities, much of the giving is still done below the radar, at small fundraising events for example. People with heavy tax burdens can benefit by establishing charitable trusts and family foundations as tax planning strategies.

When You Start Giving More, You Start Getting More

At the Deloughery Law Office, PLC in Phoenix, Arizona, we help successful business owners, professionals, and executives with high-value family and business assets setup and administer charitable trusts. Many successful professionals and business owners come to us with a firm belief that charitable giving has a value beyond just the tax advantages. It is good for the soul to give, and many clients have found that when they started giving more, they started getting more. We can help you establish the legal instruments that help you maximize your tax savings through donations to 501(c)3 and other qualified organizations. By finding unique ways to integrate your individual assets with your business assets, we can often find creative–and legal–ways to dramatically reduce your tax burden now, and at the time of your retirement.

Charitable Trusts Should Be Part of Every Estate Plan

Contact our offices in Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss your charitable giving and tax planning matters with client services manager. Our client services manager will schedule you for an appointment with attorney Brian Starr. When we meet, we will fully explain strategies and options for eliminating, reducing, or postponing your individual, corporate, and inheritance taxes through the judicious use of charitable giving.

We can help you establish charitable giving options:

  • Charitable remainder trusts, CRUTS and CRATS
  • Charitable lead trusts
  • Family foundations
  • Charitable income lead trusts

We invite you to learn more about creative charitable trust and family foundation options that should be part of your comprehensive family estate preservation plan. Contact the Starr Law Firm, PLC to schedule a consultation.