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Alternative Financing Options

At the Starr Law Firm, we pride ourselves at being able to think outside the box and find creative solutions to unusual problems. This extends to our ability to help clients in situations where there may not be immediate funds available to pay legal fees.

We are able to provide alternative financing solutions to certain clients under the following conditions:

We will first charge a fee to review your case and determine your likelihood of success (and our likelihood of getting paid). Based on this review, we may make one of several different determinations. We may be comfortable waiting to be paid until after a probate or trust asset is sold. Alternatively, we may require further security. This may consist of placing a lien on an investment account or a parcel of real estate.

In certain situations, we are able to obtain interim funding for a cash-poor estate or trust. This can be crucial when, for instance, there is a house that needs repair before it is listed for sale. Another example is when a house is scheduled for a Trustee’s Sale (foreclosure), and loan payments need to be brought current so that it can be sold for top dollar.

Call us for an appointment to discuss these special situations.